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After more than 30 years of experience as a BBB-certified company providing pest control service in the Lower Mainland, we have learned a thing or two. Among them are answers to these commonly asked questions. Looking for a quick answer before your free consultation? Use these FAQs below to get the right information from your pest control experts.

I’ve seen one mouse, are there more?

Mice proliferate quickly and live in large families, typically of 7 to 20. They have small territories, with a maximum of 30 feet in any direction from their nesting site. Mice produce, on average, 70 droppings and 3000 micro-droplets of urine every 24 hours, which can cause major health issues.

I’ve heard a noise in my attic. What could it be?

It depends on the time of day you hear it. If it is heard at night, it usually means rats. These rats commonly cause of noises at night, especially in your attic. If the noise is under your house, such as a crawlspace or basement, it may likely be a Norway rat. Louder sounds might indicate even larger animals, such as a raccoon.

If you hear a noise during the day, it may be squirrels or birds. They are active during the day and usually leave in the morning, return occasionally, and then return for good at evening. Other pests, such as insects, usually only make noise if it is an especially large infestation.

What safety precautions are necessary or are taken when providing service?

We always practice Integrated Pest Management. For most of our services, no special precautions are required on your part. Our technicians always follow required safety precautions as legislated by the Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA), the Ministry of Environment (MOE), and Workers Compensation Board (WCB).

If you are required to vacate your home, we request longer vacating times than Health Canada recommends, adding an extra margin of safety. When pesticides are required, we use the least toxic but effective materials and application methods against your specific target pest.

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