Hygiene Products and Services

Feminine Hygiene Products Disposal Service

Feminine hygiene disposal bins allow safe and clean disposal of sanitary napkins and tampons quickly and discreetly.

Our bin sanitation service means that we will remove used disposal bins and replace it with a newly sanitized one on a pre-determined schedule. We’ll take care of disposing the waste safely and sanitizing the bins to prevent contamination.

Scheduled Maintenance Service

We do scheduled servicing for soap and sanitizer refills, air freshener replacement, toilet and urinal cleaner renewal, and paper product refills on a schedule that best suits your needs.

Washroom Automation

The best way to promote washroom hygiene and reduce cross-contamination is to reduce the amount of surfaces that users are required to touch. We provide a full line of economical, touch-free solutions for your washroom. Our automated systems, including automatic flush, faucets, and soap dispensers increase washroom hygiene and leave a good impression on your clients.

Air Care and Odour Neutralization

Our range of air fresheners deliver a consistent level of freshness with no loss in performance at the end of the service cycle. We offer a choice of two products, each with a variety of fresh-smelling scents:

Non-aerosol, hydrogen-based technology delivering a carefully calculated amount of air freshener and odour neutralizer. No battries. VOC free.

Enchanced Performance
Delivers a carefully determined amount of aerosol odour-neutralizing formula to present a fresh-smelling and clean washroom.

Space odour neutralization

  • Ecolo LCU Info Sheet
  • Ecolo LCU Specifications and Pictures

Specially designed to control odours in multiple locations, the HLS Ecolo LCU unit is useful in garbage rooms and chutes, storage areas, HVAC/ventilation systems, industrial facilities, and other odourous areas.

The unit has a programmable mode that allows it to spray odour neutralizing solution at quantities and intervals that are specifically tailored to your needs.

Urinal & Toilet Hygiene

Fully automated system that dispenses a preset amount of non-toxic, biodegradable formula into toilets and urinals for continuous cleaning. Based on natural enzymes that prevent the spread of bacteria, eliminate odours, and prevent stains and buildup in toilets and urinals, this cleaning system helps contribute to a clean and hygienic washroom.

Hand Hygiene

Wall and Counter Mounted Soap Dispensers
Delivering the most effective hand hygiene in the manner that best suits the style and structure of your washroom. Both automatic and manual are available. We also have a choice of antibacterial soap, Green certified biodegradable soap, or pleasantly fragranced soap for hand washing pleasure.

Hand Sanitizer Dispenser
Both stand and wall mounted dispensers are available, in manual or touch-free options, for increased health and hygiene.

Toilet Seat Sanitizer Dispenser

Sanitizer foam for wiping down the toilet seat. Provides increased protection from cross-infection in the washroom.

Paper Product Dispensers

We offer a wide range of paper product dispensers, including both automatic and manual paper towel and toilet paper dispensers, and accompanying paper products.

For more information, on the services and products we offer, please contact us.

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