Lower Mainland Bird Solutions

Watch Your Problems Fly Away

As beautiful as birds can sometimes be, they can also pose a serious pest infestation problem. If you are experiencing bird problems in your house or home, Canadian Pest Control offers solutions that are sure to be safe, effective, and last well into the future.

Humane, Effective Solutions

Our non-harmful bird exclusion programs are tailored to every specific context and situation.Several courses of action we might recommend and implement include:

  • Bird netting: Useful for all species of birds, this solution is effective
  • Bird shock Tracks (for ledges): This method, while not harmful, is still quite effective against several species of birds.
  • Bird spikes for ledges: If you are dealing with larger bird species, this safe and effective method may be for you.
  • Other materials: We also use a variety of other creative methods to provide bird solutions, such as coil, wire, gutter point, bird slide, and "daddy long legs" tools.

Our Lower Mainland pest control company is here to help you! If you are ready to get started, contact Canadian Pest Control at 604-524-5552 or 877-551-9653 today!

Why Hire Us

  • Our experience stretches back to 1982
  • We can handle any pest issue you are experiencing
  • Our technicians receive ongoing training
  • We are members of the Canadian Pest Management Association
  • We are an incident free member of the Lower Mainland Better Business Bureau